Crown of Thorns

“Hail, the King of the Jews!” they said. There is something about those words, hurled with same precision as the reeds and the spit, that cuts deep. They gave Him a robe and a vile crown to drive the derision deeper.¬†You might say this was the violence and spite common to all oppressors when they … Continue reading Crown of Thorns

Spring Frenzy

Can you feel the frenzy in the air? It smells like rain, feels like opportunity, and wears the audacious pink of a peach blossom. Every single year, it gets me. Yes, I realize summer heat will burn away some of this idealism, but let me have this moment. **Spring!** It’s a good thing spring feels … Continue reading Spring Frenzy

Home Again

Voluntarily leaving your land for a week (or three, as in my husband’s case) in early spring is pretty insane, but it does have its benefits. Namely, coming home is like waking up on Christmas morning. He had a job for family in Texas, and I joined him near the end to help him finish … Continue reading Home Again