Summer Solstice Salad

It’s starting to get hot, hot, hot. Which means: tomatoes! (Well, other things, too, I’m sure… But mostly, TOMATOES.) Yet while my tastebuds are languishing in a quivering state of salsa/ sauce/ caprese anticipation, there are a few stars in my spring garden that deserve some first-day-of-summer love. I just didn’t realize how much love, … Continue reading Summer Solstice Salad

Destination: Prairie!

You’ve heard me mention the term Permaculture. It’s the focus of my study and the design inspiration for most of the things I’m trying here on the farm. Google it, and this is the definition you get: the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.  It’s a great definition, and there’s a lot … Continue reading Destination: Prairie!

Potato, Po-tah-to

Sweet potatoes are not potatoes at all, so really, you can pronounce them any way you like. They are, however, delicious. And their vines can be incredibly lovely. I stopped in to visit my friends at Antioch Urban Growers to pick up my sweet potato plants and clear up a few mysteries. Mark, as always, answered … Continue reading Potato, Po-tah-to