Potato, Po-tah-to

Sweet potatoes are not potatoes at all, so really, you can pronounce them any way you like. They are, however, delicious. And their vines can be incredibly lovely. I stopped in to visit my friends at Antioch Urban Growers to pick up my sweet potato plants and clear up a few mysteries. Mark, as always, answered … Continue reading Potato, Po-tah-to

Deep Breath

Sometimes, life gives you a pause, and sometimes you have to take one. We are in the moment of held breath before the dive into the pool. Soon, when the rains stop, we will be pouring concrete, and coordinating the schedules of a long line of contractors. And while we are working methodically to put … Continue reading Deep Breath


When I say this farm is an adventure, what I mean is: despite the predictable circuit of the seasons, you never really can predict what’s going to happen next. For instance, our family  was just adopted by a cat. Believe me when I say we did NOT see this one coming. He was one of … Continue reading Surprise!

Why now?

I’ve been asked why in the world I’m taking on this huge garden right now. I’m in the middle of building a house, after all.  And when I say that, I mean that I’m drawing the plans with a pencil, arranging all the sub-contractors and financing, and digging out my safety goggles for all the … Continue reading Why now?

The Long Game

Much of gardening feels experimental. Especially annual vegetables. Who knows whether this will be the year we get adequate rain and sun to have a bumper crop of tomatoes? Or maybe this year the squash bugs will strike again, and all that lovely winter squash will be just another wistful dream. And then there are … Continue reading The Long Game